Travail récent



Galactic center above megalithic monument of Xerez
Lightning Storm during Full Moon in Dominican Republic
Enjoying Venus corona above the Giant´s Causeway – Northen Ireland
Bridge of Light – Connecting worlds, realities and dimensions
Milky Way Arm above an Acid Water
Moon Reflections in the Atlantic Ocean
Lunar Christmas Earthshine above Mértola Castle
Golden Moonrise above the City of Lisbon
A moonlit scene where stone, sand, and water merge into a perfect combination
Lunar Corona above Town Hall in Grand Place
Skywatcher Observing the Largest and Strongest Sunspot in a Decade
A Christmas tree adorned with stars
Star Spica and Planet Jupiter above the Acid Water of Mina de São Domingos
Mina de São Domingos, an Open Hole to a Chemical Universe
Monochrome vision from Olival da Pega dolmen
The evolution of man from prehistoric times
A Shy Meteor from Perseids over Punta Cana Beach
Colorful Sagittarius Boket and the Louro Wines
Shadows from a Fragmented Chair by the Moonlight